Services offered by Neus González:

General traslation

Translation services of all kind of general texts from English and French into Castillian Spanish and Catalan.

Audiovisual translation

Translation of movies, series, cartoons, documentaries and bonus materials for dubbing and subtitling purposes.
Translation of movie preproduction scripts.


Translation of software, firmware and documentation of IT projects:

    • Screen translation and localization
      Website content translation and localization
      Functional and lingustic testing
      Generation and maintenance of style guides and glossaries
      Translation of technical specifications, user guides, requeriments,
      help and quality control documents, etc.
      Translation of IT methodology documents, testing strategies, etc.
  • Video game translation

    Translation and linguistic and functional testing of video games, web games and arcades.
    Translation of user guides and help documents.


    Simultaneous interpretation in Spanish-Catalan.
    Consecutive and liaison interpretation in English-Spanish and English-Catalan.

    Lip synching for dubbing purposes

    Adaptation of translated movie dialogs to synchronize them to the actors' lip movements.


    Orthotypography, copy and style editing in Spanish and Catalan.

    Dialect adaptation

    Adaptation of Catalan texts into the Valencian dialect and vice-versa.

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