Interpretation projects

Some of the services rendered by Neus González as an interpreter:

Simultaneous interpretation from Valencian into Spanish of the speeches made by the Valencian senators and authorities during sessions held by the Senate's General Commission of the Autonomous Regions.

Simultaneous interpretation Catalan-Spanish in several conferences held in Barcelona's Trade Show Center: Internet Global Congress, Energy Congress, IGC Bdigital Congress, Ecocity, Electronic Signature Conference, etc.

Simultaneous interpretation Catalan-Spanish in several conferences and symposiums held in Catalonia and Andorra: Communication Week Symposium (Tarragona); Citizenship, Rights and Mental Health: Legal Protection and Comprehensive Assistance (Barcelona); VII Olympic Forum (Barcelona; The Future of Europe Summit (Andorra), etc.

Consecutive interpretation from English into Catalan in the presentation of the documentary "How Things Are Made: Paper in 1780".

Neus González

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